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I'm Matheus Goncalves

Senior Salesforce Developer ☁️️

  • Age 35
  • Location Atlanta, GA
  • e-mail contact@matheusgoncalves.com

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15+ years of total IT experience in Development, Leadership, Architecture, Testing and Usability. Certified Salesforce Platform Developer.

Innovative and motivated self-starter experienced in different business segments such as B2B Marketing, Educational Institutions, Banking/Finance, Medical, Credit Bureau and Retail Commerce.

Fast-paced and team oriented professional, with absolute commitment to quality. Planned, directed and managed designated projects. Delegated responsibilities and designed time schedules.

Involved in development of applications using:

  • Salesforce Development (Visualforce pages/classes/components, Apex, SOQL, SOSL, Salesforce DX, Lightning)
  • C#, C and C++, .NET, Visual Basic.NET and Visual Basic 6.0
  • Java (Struts 1 and 2, Spring, Google Web Toolkit)
  • Web Services (SOAP and RESTful based) and Cloud Provider (AWS)
  • Oracle Forms / Reports
  • SQL server / Oracle (Strong experience in creating and optimizing PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers)
  • Object Models and Class hierarchy for middleware deployment with .NET technologies using Visual C#.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET, WCF services (including Multi-Threading components), WPF and Silverlight.

Eager to learn and strong thirst for knowledge.

Professional Skills

Salesforce / Force.com / Visualforce 6 years
Apex / SOQL 6 Years
C# / .Net 6 years
Java 8 years
JavaScript 4 years
Oracle 7 years
Native fluency
Full professional proficiency
Limited working proficiency


Work Experience

2018 - Today

Salesforce Developer

Amazon AWS

Salesforce Development for AWS Marketing Team

2017 - 2018

Senior Salesforce Developer ☁

eVestment / Nasdaq

I'm involved in requirements gathering, technical designing, coding, debugging, performance analysis, packaging and deployment of custom solutions on the Force.com platform.

Working closely with business analysts to realize the full capabilities of Salesforce.com CRM and how it can be best applied to meet the needs of a rapidly growing, global user community, working as a member of a project team developing Apex, Visualforce new functionality and enhancing existing functionality.


- Trained Salesforce Einstein AI models to improve the internal Knowledge Search results.
- Recreated objects hierarchy remapping, using trees and nodes.
- Created a batchable process for reports management and clean up (using SOAP API).
- Automatization of processes with triggers, batches and queueable classes.
- Identified and fixed hardcoded parameters, using declarative and programmatic development, providing more flexibility and autonomy to the Admins.
- Created a Typeahead component using JavaScript to improve Visualforce pages usability.
- Advocated for Trailhead internal training and knowledge improvement.
- Worked on the transition from Classic to Lightning, adapting Visualforce Pages to the new layout and creating Lightning components.
- Worked on the transition to Salesforce DX.

Designed and deployed high quality, scalable code, following Salesforce best practices, including integration and in memory tests with mock repositories and interfaces.

Lead and/or contributed to all technical aspects of IT projects, including writing technical and functional specification documents, creating the internal Salesforce Code Conventions document, certifying the code base is following its definitions.

Performed routine review of code, refactoring, configuration, data, and usage to ensure long term viability, integrity, and adoption.

I've also made recommendations for enhancements and modifications to improve system performance, efficiency, internal business process, and reporting.

2012 - 2017

Senior Software Engineer

Stefanini US - Koch Industries

A subsidiary of privately owned Koch and Industries, Inc., INVISTA operates in more than 20 countries across North America, South America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

I'm involved in documentation, fixes and new implementations of a system to support marketing, merchandising, advertising and sales (Salesforce and Java).

Designing and implementing tools to support Lead Generation, B2B, Prospects management and audience targeting and development.


- Integrated a Java (Struts) application with Salesforce (WebService).
- Designed and created an interface so the users could create custom Lead templates.
- Integrated leads and internal pages with Google Analytics.
- Designed and created an A/B testing tool for the Lead custom templates.
- Used Streaming API and PushTopic to monitor data external to Salesforce.

Moreover, using these applications, the marketing team would be able to set up automation rules for specific criteria, consult the products guide, create and manage promotions, take online training, use programs designed to connect dealers and consumers, promote new products, request showroom material, search for dealers and update their information, and many other functions.

Developed user-interfaces in Salesforce using the native VisualForce technology as well as rich-client Javascript frameworks such as AngularJS.

Programming pages, triggers and classes in Java and Apex (Force.com).
Programming Salesforce Objects and VisualForce Pages/Classes/Components.

Correction on requirements gathering.
SQL database normalization, optimization.
Java (Struts 1.1 and 2.0)
C# (3.5).

Tracking development, testing (AccScope, JMeter and Selenium) and deployment.
Technical assistance, acting as a bridge between Devs and Managers, SA’s and QA Team.

Environment: Eclipse/Netbeans, MavensMate, SublimeText, Angular.JS, Github, VS 2008, VB.Net, C#, Sharepoint, Salesforce, Force.com, TFS, Java, Struts, SQL Server, TDD and XP/Scrum methodology.

2011 - 2012

Senior Systems Analyst III

Stefanini IT Solutions - Brazil

Major Clients: Serasa Experian and Odontoprev.

Primary project:

Mentoring team members with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, C# and Oracle PL/SQL development experience.

Documentation, punctual corrections and new implementations of a system of financial analysis. (Serasa Experian).

Correction on requirements gathering, analysis and creation of a project for comparing modules with peer group companies and analytical and synthetic reports.

Secondary project:

Maintenance of a system to scan medical records and optimization of the insertion of documents and images. Using this application, the user would be able to digitally capture and store medical records, X-rays and details of treatments that were sent by dentists. Audit, approve or refuse treatments. Type in a standardized way each of the tasks presented by doctors. Register, delete and query specific treatments. Create and edit the payment batch.

I was responsible for the conception and implementation of a process to compress the images before inserting into the database (JPEG 2000 was the format accepted by the client).

Also to improve and optimize BLOB data retrieval and update performance, using more buffers, larger page size and bigger cache size (DB_CACHE_SIZE and DB_BLOCK_SIZE).

Coordination of team of 5 people including the division of tasks and analysis of performance.

Project Coordination and mentoring team members with Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and Oracle PL/SQL development experience.

Creation of classes with methods and functions common to the entire system, speeding the development and reducing the estimate of the time, keeping the schedule.

Involved in Oracle database normalization, optimization.

Programming modules in Visual Basic 6, PL/SQL

Tracking development, testing and making sure the application is deployed in production with no bug. (AccScope and qTest)
Acted as a bridge between Devs and Managers, SA’s and QA Team.

2009 - 2011

Senior Systems Analyst III

Bank Itaú BBA - Brazil

Involved in Analysis and designing of a Risk Management System.

Documentation a system in C#. NET and Silverlight, the precepts of RUP with UML, in all its phases.

Design and develop Oracle and SQL Server tables, package (stored procedures), trigger and other objects.

Involved in system study and requirement gathering.

Tracking development, testing and deployment (IBM LoadRunner)

Provided technical assistance to the developers and acted as a bridge between Developers and Managers, SA’s and QA Team.

Environment: Windows XP, .Net Framework 3.5/4.0, C#, VB.NET, ASP.Net, Silverlight, WPF, ADO.Net, Ajax, LINQ, Visual Studio.NET 2010, Visual Source Safe, WCF, MVC, IIS, HTML, TFS, Oracle 10g, SQL Server, PL/SQL, PL/SQL Developer, diagrams created in Enterprise Architect, management and deployment of systems with Rational ClearCase and Rational ClearQuest. UML and RUP development methodology.

2008 - 2009

Senior Systems Analyst II

Bank Bradesco Promotora - Brazil

Involved in system study and requirement gathering.

Analysis, supervision and development of debt purchase system, fine mesh control, the overall control of payments bordereau.

Programming modules with Visual Studio. NET, C# with ASP.NET

Performed a key role mentoring team members with Oracle PL/SQL development experience.

Involved in the study and application of concepts of usability.

Design, normalize and develop Oracle tables, package (stored procedures), trigger and other objects.

Design of three-tier model, with application of Design Patterns.

Tracking development, testing and deployment.

Environment: Windows 2000, .Net Framework 3.5, C#, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, LINQ, Visual Studio.NET 2010, Visual Source Safe, MVC, IIS, HTML, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, PL/SQL Developer, diagrams created in MS Visio, management of schedules on MS Project. Agile development methodology.

2008 - 2008

Senior Systems Analyst I

Bank Fibra - Brazil

Allocated in a 6 month project to study and analyze all the features of a legacy system of control and management of fixed income securities. With this system, the user was able to simulate, operate and monitor applications, refer to the remuneration of invested capital and return of individual securities. Furthermore, the user could also change the rate of initial application, according to the value of each application, print financial reports and redemption of investment in defined periods.

Responsible for documentation and migration of this system (Visual Basic 3) to a new system, created with VB.NET Windows Forms.

Involved in system study and new requirements gathering.

Maintenance of legacy sources to meet specific needs - Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic 3

Involved in the improvement of Sybase stored procedures.

Establishment of a catch-up bot, sending and receiving data between databases Sybase/Oracle and Oracle/Sybase.

Environment: Windows XP, Visual Basic 3, Visual Basic 6, VB.NET, .Net Framework 3.5, Windows Forms, ADO.Net, Visual Studio.NET 2008, Visual Source Safe, MVC, Sybase, Oracle, diagrams created in Enterprise Architect and ERWin. UML and RUP development methodology.

2007 - 2008

Senior Programmer Analyst

Bank Citibank - Brazil

Involved in small changes and maintenance of other programs with Java and C #. Net.

Design, improve and develop Oracle tables, packages (stored procedures), trigger and other objects.

Responsible for the analysis, modeling and development of an appbot for data capture from agencies such as BM&F and Reuters.

Responsible for an application that executes curves and calculations with projected value of exchange currency, with market and proprietary information.

Responsible for the intelligence behind the application. To calculate the projected curves, I used concepts of linear algebra and numerical computation. With the Lagrange polynomial, I programmed the tool so it run linear interpolation and extrapolation, with values stored in variables of the market, which were captured by the appbot, thereby generating the projections of the future value of currencies.

Environment: Windows XP, Visual Basic 6, ADO, Visual Studio 6, Visual Source Safe, Visual Studio 2008, PL/SQL, Java, Eclipse, C#, Oracle, Predict, .Net Framework 3.5, diagrams created in Enterprise Architect and ERWin. UML and RUP development methodology

2007 - 2007

Programmer Analyst

Inter Commerce Technologies - Brazil

Integrated projects and management business systems: I was responsible for analysis, development and customizations of an Oracle ERP built with Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports and Oracle Applications. The company markets this ERP for retail stores of building materials segment, and I performed the changes.

Involved in the development of data encryption and displacement of bits: For a specific requirement of a client, data entry in the system needed to comply with an encryption key whose key could be changed only by the team responsible for security. It could be a simple encryption, but only the team of information security could change it. Then I developed a system of shift bits, similar to the Vigenère cipher, and this solved the problem with this client.

Involved in system study and requirement gathering.

Involved in Oracle database normalization, optimization.

Design and develop Oracle table, package (stored procedures), trigger and other objects.

Involved in small changes and maintenance of other programs with Java and C #. Net.

2003 - 2007

Programmer Analyst

Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial - Brazil

Involved in analyzing and developing a system of integration of small systems that controlled the other university departments individually.

Involved in the integration of the treasury department, library, sports department, with bond of debt information, notes and any outstanding issues.

As each small system was created in different languages, I had to have contact and familiarize myself to actually learn how to code Delphi, C++, VBA, VB6, Oracle Forms and PL/SQL.

Responsible for analysis, modeling and development of an e-Learning system. It was built to help the Post-Graduation department. With the system, teachers could publish the class content, such as PowerPoint presentations, notes of each classes subject and videos.

Active and decisive participation in further projects of the university, performing a key role as a Project Coordinator and mentoring team members with Oracle Forms and PL/SQL development experience.

Environment: Windows 98/XP, PL/SQL, Oracle, Oracle Forms 4/4.5/6, Oracle Reports 2.5, Visual Studio 6, C++, Borland Delphi 6/7, ADO, Java, NetBeans, Eclipse, Borland C++ Builder, XP development methodology.



Front End Frameworks (Backbone, Angular.js and Ember.js)

Udacity by Google


CSSLP: Software Acceptance, Deployment, Operations, Maintenance, and Disposal


2011 - 2012

Game Production and Games Programming (Graduate course)

Centro Universitário Senac

2005 - 2009

B.S. in Computer Science

FEI - Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial


Usability and Interface Human Computer (IHC)

FEI - Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial


Computer Vision with OpenCV and Java

FEI - Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial

2000 - 2001

Computer Technician - Programmer

ETEC - Centro Paula Souza

Salesforce Achievements

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer

Salesforce Security Specialist
Salesforce Apex Specialist

Special guest featured by Salesforce at the TrailheaDX Keynote Pre-Show (12:26)

At the TrailheaDX Keynote Pre-Show, join Gillian Bruce, Admin Evangelist, and Kiran Manyala, Senior Developer Advocate Engineer, as they interview many special guests – Shawna Wolverton, VP of Product Management for Salesforce Lightning, along with Sarah Aerni, Data Science Manager, Salesforce Einstein, Instructor Katie Herstein, Salesforce Admin John Schaaf, Senior Salesforce Developer Matheus Goncalves and Salesforce Developer Melissa Prcic.

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  • I had the pleasure of working with Matheus while at INVISTA (Koch Industries) in several projects, he always presented as a professional with strong technical knowledge. He is very detail oriented and well organized in every task or endeavor he is involved with in order to guarantee a successful implementation of the project.

    Matheus is an excellent programmer who get the job done on time, under budget every time. Matheus will be a wonderful asset to any organization.

    Rashed Chowdhury, MBA, CSM Global Director | Salesforce.com | Business Systems
  • I worked closely with Matheus from about the end of 2014 to the end of 2016.

    During this time i was very impressed with this professionalism, and work attitude. he assisted us in tackling some quite complex tasks, sometimes with obscure requirements and he really came through and was able to no only solve the issues but also to communicate well with our internal customers across all regions and time zones.

    Matt has a deep knowledge of APEX and Visualforce along with a very good understanding of the Salesforce.com platform as a whole.

    I cannot recommend him enough!

    David Ingram Salesforce Senior Business Analyst
  • "Attention to detail" is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Matheus. I've had the pleasure of knowing Matheus for over 3 years during which we've worked on many IT projects together. In that time I was impressed with Matheus' ability to quickly resolve issues and take steps to prevent problems from occurring again. Matheus would be a true asset for any positions requiring a holistic approach to IT issues and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

    Dawn Villanueva Levy Retail Engagement Manager at INVISTA
  • Matt has a strong and continually expanding technical skill set including Java, .Net, Salesforce APEX, SQL and other technologies. Matt is dependable, capable, thorough, conscientious and possesses excellent interpersonal and communication skills. I've enjoyed opportunities to interact with Matt for the past 3 - 5 years and have seen him steadily and consistently progress professionally and personally.

    Jeff Stout Senior Application Support Analyst at INVISTA
  • I've worked with Matheus since February 2014 on Salesforce Development including Apex classes, Visualforce pages, Visualforce triggers, and Salesforce Administrator responsibilities. Matheus develops efficient solutions in an extremely timely manner. Matheus has great communication skills.

    Patrick Shea Salesforce.com /.NET Developer
  • Matheus is a great person to work with. His maturity and experience of life always brought up variety and wisdom to our discussions. Matheus is a good friend who knows when to stay quiet and when to speak up. I don't remember seeing Matheus having relationship issues with anybody while in school. He's very smart when it comes to IT and his expertise literally saved our team several times. It would be a pleasure for me to work with him again.

    Fagner Donadon Manager of Financial Analysis at John Deere
  • I have had the distinct pleasure of having Matheus Gonçalves as a student in my debate classes and on my debate team for one year at Centro Universitário da FEI. Matheus has been more than the ideal student. In order to achieve the highest grades and my deepest respect, he has demonstrated outstanding leadership and maintained a clear sense of purpose. Since his classmates, my fellow teachers, and I will always hold him in the highest esteem, I sincerely recommend Matheus Gonçalves as the ideal candidate for Business Partner.

    Plínio T. Aquino Jr Assistant Professor - Dept of CS - FEI (Usability Engineering Lab)
  • I had the opportunity to work with Matheus for a few years, I can say he is a great technology enthusiast and always dominates the skills he's working with, always committed to stay under budget, to deliver before deadlines and work quality. He's for sure a great professional.

    Elton Spinelli Rosalino Applications Engineer II at Custom Data Solutions, Inc.
  • Matheus is a detail oriented, dedicated and extremely competent professional. He perfectly meets the deadlines with total quality of what he does. I recommend Matheus to any company that needs someone with his profile.


Dec 10, 2010

Web Design Content Management using Patterns and Anti-Patterns of Variable Interfaces with Multiple Profile layers

Proceedings of the IADIS Conferencia Ibero Americana WWW/Internet 2010

Oct 25, 2008

Anti-patterns Supporting Documentation of Usability Problems

XII Simpósio de Informática da PUC-RS

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